Something Once Beautiful

by Darkest Before Dawn

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"Love can be one of the most amazing feelings ever,
But when you give it to someone who doesn't feel that same love for you, and just gives themselves away,

Love becomes a devastating heartache."




I felt the knife twist in my back
My dreams still haunt me
Of all the times I felt her

I wish I was free of you.

I tried to cleanse your impure heart
I felt something real
It was clear to me you were something beautiful

You are fucking worthless
Trapped in an endless void of longing,
Your lies leave you choking for the truth
You defiled the priceless seal I selflessly put on your heart.

Plagued with scars, you bleed yourself out
No matter how many times you cut yourself open
You will never learn from the bloodstained blade

You were something once beautiful
You think you know the way to someone’s heart
But it’s not that hard to get to yours.

No, I will never forgive you for your sick and twisted ways
How long will it take for you to see what you have devolved to?
You create your own misery

You are the weak of heart.

The harlot tempts those around her

She plays into the lie for what she hopes is love
Such a sick game I played into

I feel my heartache turn, no more will I regret
Her sins leave her begging for a cure

The harlot tempts those around her
She longs for some sense of love

You claimed to be strong to god and praise him and follow his every word
You forget to confess your sins you two-faced heartless whore

I felt the knife in my back as you caressed my face
You are not a victim.

I gave you my heart, I gave you my body, I gave you everything
You were my fucking world.

How can you just give yourself away,
For your selfish temptations?
Like a rose dead and rotting,
You're a fucking empty shell.

I felt the knife twist in my back

You worthless, empty, desolate filth.
Your tears mean nothing.
You are not desire,
You are an empty shell of something once beautiful.

I felt the knife.

I wish I was free of you.


released December 9, 2014
Written by Zack Kubiak
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Prophesied Design



all rights reserved


Darkest Before Dawn Erie, Pennsylvania

Metal, Orchestral, Acoustic, Electronic, there is no single genre I stay. This is expression of the heart; art beyond entertainment.

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